Brasil 70% + Ethiopia 30%



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METHOD Natural/ Unwashed & Lavado/ Washed
PRODUCER Fazenda Caramelo Doce – Brasil, Sidamo Coffee Farmers – Ethiopia
REGION Minas Gerais, Patrocinio (Brasil) and Sidamo (Ethiopia)
VARIETAL Catuaí and Ethiopian Heirloom
ALTITUDE 985m – 2000m

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The Espresso Fábrica Blend was conceived from the desire to create a mixture of origins can deliver an expresso with balanced and full bodied aromas, ideal for drinks with and without milk. The fusion of these two coffees, allows us to have the best of both Brazilian and Ethiopian coffees, resulting in rich aromas like Citrus, Nuts, and Black Tea.
The coffee from the Caramelo Doce Fazenda is processed through the natural method, and is selected according to its density, resulting in an aromatic, rich in flavour, homogeneous, and clean coffee. The Ethiopian Sidamo goes through another type of process, the washed.

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